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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In the Beginning - The Fifth Sign

So, remember when I mentioned that these were following a prompt? Yeah, this one is short because the prompt was a poem, but I added a bit of story to the end anyway. This is part 20.

Daughter, son and grandfather’s ghost
Making of a paper host
Woman’s orange of gain
Boy’s green of pain
Beige suits of prophet never seen again

The ally turned ron, towards the bullish end
On secrets in kangaroo pouch of his mind we depend
Without coffee God waits in the slumberless deep
Director ready to wrap when play we for keep
The future, mental yogurt, healthy but stings deep

Mother, savior, computer of death
Interpreting the book unto her last breath
Father laments nicety, like a tuxedo put away
No staple but kindness brought out on special day
Crunch, is the last word, the earth has its say

Chester looked at the poem written on his daughter’s wall and wondered where she got the crayons. He also wondered at some of the words that she could not yet speak. This was probably another one of those signs the detective and the priest wanted to stop.

Nicole’s reaction was much simpler. She grabbed a pad and copied the newest addition to the prophecy down. Then she started to interpret.

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