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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

In the Beginning - The False Sign

Part 22. All previous parts are below, past the recent self promotion.

Chester stood across the street from the grocery store. Jack and Nicole were back at the house, playing with the kids. Dinner had not been a distraction, entirely, but it worked well as such. While Jack was gruffly learning about the prophecy and why it was important, Chester had work to do. He worried about leaving Jack with his children but Nicole could protect them, and half the women were there to back her up.

The other half were here, with Chester. Most of these women had experience on farms or in the circus. That was good, because getting cows to ride bicycles was not an easy task. Chester was sure he would have failed at it. Part of that came from how silly he found the idea though. He still felt that way as he looked at a scene that belonged in one of his aunt Madge’s kitschy knick-knack display cases. Cows on bikes paraded in the parking lot and through the street. Cows with umbrellas, cows with guns, cows with digital cameras, and of course cows on cell phones. The display stopped traffic.

The ones carrying objects were some of the women in costumes, pedaling serenely along. The real cows lowed their annoyance but managed to stay up and keep their own bicycles moving slowly, thanks to the leashes, sharp sticks, whips and cattle prods of the women on foot.

Jack sighed and raised the binoculars to watch the old man exit the store. Stunned, the man dropped his bags. Glass shattered, liquid stained the paper to flow over the asphalt. Jack could smell the distinct odor of spilt milk on a hot day from where he was. The cows mooed louder at the desecration of their lifeblood.

The old man whipped his head around frantically. At first he sought confirmation of the insanity, someone else understanding how wrong this all was. Then the shock overwhelmed him and he was looking for help. His right hand rose to his chest, clutching the left breast. He choked out sounds unheard over the laughter of the crowd, and of course the cows. The man fell to his knees, then to his face atop the broken glass. Chester thought if the man hadn’t died instantly that would surely hurt.

Nobody else took notice. In this day of flash mobs, look at me, instant gratification and viral videos people didn’t find it strange at all. They pulled out their phones, hoping to get the best capture for YouTube. Only a small child noticed the heart attack. When she said, “Mommy, I think that man needs helps,” her mother shushed her, told her to watch the funny.

This was not a sign of what was coming. To test the waters the servants created it. Sure, it would make the paper but as a funny piece. This is what it came to. This is what people accepted. Chester felt surer than ever that Nicole was right. It was time for the world to be reborn from the ashes.

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Now, Presented for the Safety of the Public

Imagine the future, during the impending zombie apocalypse. You are, of course, fighting on the side of humanity. You have risen in the ranks and are leading a small but scrappy band of resistance fighters. For time frame we must qualify, this is before humanities semi-surprising defeat, but after the completely expected point where I betrayed humanity and joined with the zombie horde.
As twilight descends you are facing me and my throng of necromantic minions across a bloody, smokey field of battle. Standing next to you is your second in command, let's call him John because names are hard and this is, after all, just an advertisement. No use spending brain power on the secondary characters.
As we stare at each other and work up our bloodlust you raise your voice and shout. "Patrick... you sick bastard! I read your book!" With the education system being what it is we will ignore for now whether or not you know that you're plagiarizing Patton. John, you remember John? Not to be outdone, raises his own voice and screams. "Me too, and I paid full price!"
So the battle ensues, and inevitably my zombies overrun you. All of your soldiers (who did not buy Old Odd Ends) are dead. You and John lay wounded in the dirt. You can survive if we leave you alone, and the zombies are milling but not attacking. You hear the squelch of my boots as I approach through the mud caused by the death of your followers. You look into my eyes and gasp out...
"I... even left... a review... on... Amazon!"
I smile at you, it's an evil thing, but it's something. I turn. Yes! I am going to let you live! I look at your old friend John and you hear my soulless voice slither through the deepening night. "Did you review it?" The bottom drops out of your stomach. You know the answer to that and you're about to be alone on this field.
We all know you have until April 21st, 2019 (the day astrologically determined as the one when patient zero has turned enough people into zombies for the war to be inevitable) to avoid being one of those silly soldiers. You even have that long to avoid part of John's fate.
You only have the rest of today to avoid paying for the book like he did. Free through today, full price tomorrow.
Go get it now!

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Why I Published on Kobo

So, I recently put out my two newest books on Kobo. This is in part an experiment with other sales channels but I added Kobo in. I did this in spite of the fact that I don't really expect to see any sales on this platform. So why did I do it?

Because Kobo is the reader most independent stores use. I like indies in general, and even more when it comes to the stores. I want them to be around for a long time. I like the classic feel along with the innovation it takes just for these guys to stay afloat. So I will do what I can to support them. If you have a Kobo and want to read the two books of shorts I would say, please do it. There is a handy link here where you can find them, they are the first two that show up. It's a search though so it might change at some point.Basically, prove me wrong. Show me that you love the independent book stores as much as I do and get them and me some money. I will happily eat these words if you do.

So that's it. I put it up there because I love these guys and want to see them thrive. I don't expect to see much from it. Sometimes you just have to take that stance that supports the things you are passionate about though. So I did.

Not that I dislike Barnes & Noble, they just don't need my help. They'll be fine no matter what I do. Honestly, the indies don't need my help either, I'm not that arrogant... yet, but they deserve it. If you're a huge Barnes & Noble fan you can find my books there too. However, due to a technical glitch I can't provide you a link just yet. You can search for Old Odd Ends and get it in paperback there. You can search for Half Flashed and Too Dark for Television and find them on the Nook, and eventually in paperback as well. If you search for my name you will only find Half Flashed and Too Dark for Television currently only shows the names of the artists for the cover. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. Of course there is Amazon but those links are up on the right. They are also up on Googleplay, you can just search for the titles on your phone or tablet, Half Flashed and Too Dark for Television only on Google currently.

Basically, you have options, and I like that. I'm all about your freedom and your choices. If you're completely platform agnostic though? Consider getting books on the Kobo, both mine and those of other authors when available. These guys are doing it right. I always recommend going with the physical copy over everything else. There will always be something special about that experience. If you're using a reader though? You know the one I'm championing for here.

If you really want to support the independents, both the stores and the authors, here's another idea. Go into your local book store. Tell them you want a book by a certain author (let's say Old Odd Ends, Half Flashed, or Too Dark for Television by Patrick Elliott) or all of the works by said author at once. (Okay, you can choose a different author, but for the purposes of this example let's stick with me.) They can order them for you. It's going to take a couple of days but they can do it. They will do it. You may have to tell them it's done on CreateSpace because there are reasons they don't stock but only special order these books unless they know they are going to sell. They can and will provide though. Then everyone gets money and everyone wins. Especially you, because you have some bright, shiny, new books to put on your shelf. You remember that right? It's the thing that is currently housing all of your kids' video games.

Long story short? Support the little guys because they are awesome and need to feed their families. Buy books on the Kobo or in your local mom and pop book store. Buy mine, buy other peoples, buy all of them. Support these guys because they deserve it and I did. I'm awesome, you know you want to be like me.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Kindle Madness

Old Odd Ends is currently on a free promotion on Amazon. Go here and and you can get it for free -

For the physical copy or to purchase electronic, or physicals of the two new books go here -

Some other countries have their own links, but I'm lazy, for those, look on the right side of the page.

Oh yeah! And welcome Japan to the links, since there is now an Amazon Author Central page for you guys. It's not the free one but if you read English, need some shorts for your commute, and have run out of light novels... check out Half Flashed and Too Dark for Television.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Books, Old Books

Alright folks. Two new books are now up on Kindle, but not KDP. They are books of shorts, Half Flashed is longer and lighter, all the dark stuff and things with social and political commentary is in Too Dark for Television. These are mostly flash fiction and short stories but each has some novellas too.

These are lower priced than Old Odd Ends​ and a bit of an experiment for me. The on Kindle is because Amazon is faster than everyone else. Createspace (for the physical copies) is processing and should be up shortly. They are also processing to be available on Kobo, Google Play and Google Books, and the Nook For my friends who only use Apple books, how are we still friends? Seriously, I would put them up there too but they require a publisher or a third party that acts like a publisher with none of the benefits so, no thanks and sorry.

If the shorts get more sales due to the added distribution channels I will be removing Old Odd Ends from its exclusivity in a few months and putting it up in all other methods and then switch to that as my standard. So, if you love KDP go buy Ends on Amazon and pick up the new books too. If you prefer another reader wait a day or two and buy it on Kobo/Nook/Google. One or all three, I prefer all three.

If you want to give Amazon and unfair advantage, I have you covered there too. Old Odd Ends is available on a free promotion from 8/21 through 8/25 as a way of saying thank you. Of course, if you want to thank me for thanking you, you can pick up the new books at the same time. Have a great day!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

In the Beginning - Counter Offer

So, this is part 21.

Jack was settling in to being a cop again. Despite his foray into murder, being part of the thin blue line ran in his blood. Some things just needed to be done outside of the brotherhood. The preacher had been one of those, crossing into that category with his own murder. When your dog is rabid you put it down yourself, Jack’s father taught him that.

Paperwork was part of the routine, not Jack’s favorite part. Some of the other detectives thrived on it but Jack needed two cups of coffee to get through his. He was on his way to get that all-important second cup when he looked out the window and blinked.

Across the street stood Nicole, Jack would recognize the psycho bitch anywhere. Her presence was not the real shock though. That she stood on the street to the side of his precinct in her bra and panties was. Jack was not attracted but he could appreciate, ascetically, why a few men seemed willing to do her bidding to their detriment.

The sign she held was stranger still. In big bold letters it called him out. ‘Don’t like what you see? Call…’ there was a number, one Jack assumed was to the cell phone taped to the cardboard. It was a threat. Even in this day and age he worked in a profession where gay men were accepted, so long as they were part of them and not us. He calmly gathered his coffee and called from his own cell.

“First, let me apologize for what happened to your boyfriend.” Nicole launched in as soon as she answered the phone, in lieu of saying hello. “That was my father, not me.”

“I thought you were daddy’s little girl.” Jack whisper-growled, his eyes sliding closed to keep the tears that sprung up inside. “I thought you agreed with everything he said and did.”

“Not that. Your lover was not a part of this.”

“What do you want?”

“A simple meeting.”

“Just come by your house, meet the husband and the kids. Sounds like fun. Do you really think seeing your domestic bliss, the girls you have chained up in the basement and your cute kids will make me jump sides?”

“I think it couldn’t hurt. Besides, you know the girls aren’t chained up.”

“Not all chains are physical.”

He let the silence spin out and so did she. They played the game of metaphysical, emotional chicken like two stars of the game. Nicole was good, but Jack was better. She finally broke the quiet as he heard her start a car.

“You are more open minded than you are pretending. I assure your safety so long as you start nothing and leave in peace when it is done. We can work together or continue fighting at your preference then. Seven tonight?”


Jack should have thought to tell father O’Reilly about the meeting. So the father had some idea of why the detective fell silent after it. But he didn’t.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Check Out Margaret Daly

Check out Margaret Daly. An awesome person, a fellow author and #Awethor. Links to her site are listed below and I will shortly be listing one of them in the links at the right of the page. Check out her blog for inspiration on both life and writing.

What's more? She has links where you can buy many fine books, mine included. These are physical copy books so you have to be old school or hard core, like me, to purchase from this site. Go, check it out, spread the love. Buy some of her books for yourself and do your Christmas shopping very early this year. Do it now!

Margaret's Website and Book Store -
Margaret's Book Blog -
Margaret's Blog -

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

#Awethors Awareness Day

If you are here please do a search on twitter and/or facebook for #Awethors then follow the people posting it. When you find a link to a book buy it and leave a five star review. Because I said so!

This is a really amazing group of people, all independent authors, and awesome ones at that. If you can't find a book or genre you love amidst us then you are dead inside and the bad guys have already won! If you're not up for buying a book then just send a shout out on twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #Awethors. You are more than welcome to mention me, and my blog and how all around cool I am. Trust me, I won't mind.

Please help us to get this trending! If you are an author and on Facebook then you might consider asking to join the group. If you're an independent, though I would also argue for you with the group owner if you're Stephen King, George RR Martin, or Jim Butcher because you're that cool. Though if you're one of those three and you read my blog why haven't you read and reviewed my book yet? Okay, I'm getting seriously loopy and need sleep.

Again, please help out and get #Awethors trending. This is a group of people who work very hard and do excellent work. If authors going a different route continue to toil in anonymity they may be forced to get day jobs. It's possible they will decide they want yours. Your boss will like them better because I will write it that way. This is bad for everyone! I don't normally soapbox for other people, so you know these guys have impressed me greatly. Thanks for your help.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

And a Win

Oh, and on the prompt contest that I mentioned a couple weeks back. I won my second time in. Go check it out, and check out the author lady. She is pretty awesome. If you are a writer you should be entering her contests here.

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In the Beginning - The Fifth Sign

So, remember when I mentioned that these were following a prompt? Yeah, this one is short because the prompt was a poem, but I added a bit of story to the end anyway. This is part 20.

Daughter, son and grandfather’s ghost
Making of a paper host
Woman’s orange of gain
Boy’s green of pain
Beige suits of prophet never seen again

The ally turned ron, towards the bullish end
On secrets in kangaroo pouch of his mind we depend
Without coffee God waits in the slumberless deep
Director ready to wrap when play we for keep
The future, mental yogurt, healthy but stings deep

Mother, savior, computer of death
Interpreting the book unto her last breath
Father laments nicety, like a tuxedo put away
No staple but kindness brought out on special day
Crunch, is the last word, the earth has its say

Chester looked at the poem written on his daughter’s wall and wondered where she got the crayons. He also wondered at some of the words that she could not yet speak. This was probably another one of those signs the detective and the priest wanted to stop.

Nicole’s reaction was much simpler. She grabbed a pad and copied the newest addition to the prophecy down. Then she started to interpret.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

In the Beginning - The Fourth Sign

And this is installment 19.

Even in his new surroundings Peter could not resist a drink. When the unimportant cellmate offered him a sip, Peter took a guzzle. When he awoke in a nightmare land of cartoons he knew the shine was on the jug. Feeling an urge to hunt a rabbit, he also knew it must be Easter. Wasn’t he supposed to do something on Easter this year?

Peter could not remember what his task was. The urge to hunt down the rabbit, the one that taunted while munching carrots and sometimes turned invisible, was all consuming. Though… his mind might be combining fantasy bunnies. That wasn’t important. He needed to kill the varmint. Something important depended on it.

Peter did not have a gun, but he found a hammer and some spikes. Not ideal, but better than nothing. He set out on the hunt, determined to take the rascal by hand. That would feel pretty good actually. It would feel… biblical.

He traipsed through the woods, whistling a jaunty tune. He almost skipped and felt like he was going in circles. Some small, rational part of his mind knew he was, around his sell. That part of his mind was lost behind the veil of inebriation though.

Finally, Peter saw the critter. He crouched, a sick smile sliding over his lips. He crept forward but knew the creature saw him. It did not chew his carrot and give some smart aleck response though. Instead, it threw Peter a look. It looked, terrified. That was new, Peter thought. Perhaps word of his association with the divine was spreading. It might explain the change. No time to wonder about that though.

It was much simpler than Peter anticipated. He pounced on the rabbit, pinning it to the wall. Mighty strikes of the mallet drove the spikes home. It squealed and begged for its life. It promised to convert and spread the word. Peter was beyond reason though. The task was more important than any one thing.

After nine months in prison most of the inmates found themselves swayed by Peter’s words. There were so many converts to the men’s army that the repercussions of Peter making his unimportant cellmate into an important figure were of greater benefit than keeping him in the cell.

Peter did not feel bad about crucifying the man on the wall of the cell they shared. Sacrifice was necessary. Besides, with that loss of one human, Peter’s ten to twenty stretch became a life sentence. Due to the manner of it and the fact that he really thought he killed a rabbit, for a long time anyway, he was transferred to a high security mental facility. There were more men to convert at the hospital and they were easier to sway. Their minds were already open to things that most could not comprehend. Besides…

With the change in venue, sometimes Nicole could come and visit him. She was proud of him. She told him so often.

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