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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Rocky Rochford brings you The Eye of Mares.

Rocky Rochford brings you The Eye of Mares.

Friend and fellow Author, Rocky Rochford just released the next book in his awesome fantasy 
series, The Rise Of The Elohim Chronicles. The new novel, The Eye of Mares continues the struggle between the forces of good and evil. Readers who love talking animals, magic,epic battles and heroic struggles will love this.
Rocky is burning it up on a blog tour, sharing a little of The Eye Of Mares with his readers. It is my great privilege to bring you part 19 of this amazing new book. We could wish Rocky luck with this new addition, but let's all just go buy it instead. Happy Reading everyone!

The Eye of Mares – Part 19

          …his one-on-one sessions with Zach. 

          The sparring lessons had started around three years previously when Zach, Mako 
and Izal learned Kazza was another Child of Tormenta. 

          Zach immediately took great interest in Kazza and devoted a lot of his own time and 
attention to training him personally. An act Mako was most pleased with, as it was an 
opportunity to see Zach pass on the very things he had learned from Mako. 

          With all the time the two spent together, almost as much as Zach spent with Jasmine, 
Kazza soon grew to become the second most talented student on the entire island. He was 
rapidly approaching Zach’s level of skill.  

          “I’m glad you two continue to spend time together. It is a vital part of your training, but 
now is the time to see what you have learned mentally, as another of your exams beckons,” 
Mako replied happily, before he called out for the other two students. “Davidos! Jason! 

          “Master,” both boys cried in unison, as they bowed their heads respectfully and tied 
their wooden weapons to their belts. 

          “Well, that’s three of you. Where are Damien and his gang-fellows?” Mako inquired, 
just as the quartet of boys came running over, but not from the direction of the academy, but 
the forest. 

          “Good morning, boys,” Mako greeted, as the newly arrived boys, panted heavily. 

          “Morning master,” Damien and his contingent replied, panting. 

          “You came from the forest. We shall talk about your presence there later on, but for 
now, an exam awaits you all.” 

          Neither of the boys bothered to say anything. Instead they followed Mako to the 
academy in complete silence. They shuffled into the classroom one at a time and took their 
seats, ready to get the exam underway.

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